Who Am I? the Diary of Mary Talence

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Who Am I? the Diary of Mary Talence

Item Code: ki07
Price:  $999.99
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About the book

I woke up this morning and I couldn't stop crying cos this place is not my home, even though everyone says it is. I miss Matron Rose and all the kids and now I miss my real mum more than ever. When I was a little girl Mum would always hug me when I cried and tell me everything would be all right. Who's gunna hug me here?

Mary was taken to Bomaderry Aboriginal Children's Home when she was only five years old. Now she's ten years old and living with a white family in Sydney. She doesn't fit in and starts to question why. 

Short-listed for the NSW Premiers Young Peoples History Prize 2002 

Judges comments:

Why is colour important? Mary Talence, an Aboriginal girl separated from her family when she was five, and several years later removed to live with a white family on Sydney's leafy North Shore, wants to know the answer. This skilfully written fictionalised account set in 1937 uses a series of diary entries to unfold both a personal and a national story. It includes detailed historical notes and a bibliography, making this book not only very moving and very readable, but also an introduction to the history of Aboriginal-white relations in twentieth century Australia. The tale is poignant, the ending optimistic; this book conveys both the tragedy and the courage of the stolen generation.

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