Manhattan Dreaming

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Manhattan Dreaming

Item Code: ad05
Price:  $999.99
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About the book

From award-winning Wiradyuri author, Anita Heiss, comes a fun, light-hearted and empowering story featuring a deadly Koori heroine who is forced to choose between her dream job and the man of her dreams.

Lauren is a curator at the National Aboriginal Gallery in Canberra. She's good at her job, passionate about the arts, and focused on her work – that is, when she's not focusing on Adam, halfback for the Canberra Cockatoos.

But Adam is a player, both on and off the field. Lauren knows he's the one, but he doesn't seem to feel the same way about her. If she just waits long enough, though, surely he'll realise how much he needs her?

Then her boss offers her the chance of a lifetime – a fellowship at the Smithsonian in New York. Lauren has to make some big decisions: the man or Manhattan?

Praise for Manhattan Dreaming

* Heiss captures all the wide-eyed excitement of Manhattan: the sights; the shopping; the history; and?of course?the men. Like the author, Lauren is a member of the Wiradjuri nation. Her deep connection to her people and culture is a vital part of the story?and what sets Manhattan Dreaming apart from other chick-lit. It's a contemporary romance with spunk, and I enjoyed it a lot. - Australian Bookseller and Publisher.
* With the classic romantic ending up the Empire State Building (you just knew it was coming), this may well get you appreciating Aboriginal art and dreaming of life in the Big Apple. The West Australian

* There is political content and a subtle weaving of information about Aboriginal culture while on the surface there's the romance and situational comedy that attracts many reader. - Brisbane News 

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