Harry’s Secret

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Harry’s Secret

Item Code: ki01
Price:  $999.99
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HARRY'S SECRET - pubished by Scholastic in 2015

Harry really wants to enter one of his deadly sketches but he’s not convinced it’s the smartest thing to do.
And what if he actually wins? What will that mean to him as a skateboarder and one of the lads?
And will Gav ever speak to him again?

 Harry has a secret. He loves to draw.

You wouldn’t think that would be a problem but Harry’s friend Gav thinks skateboarding, footy and fishing are cool and art is definitely not.

But when Harry enters the local art competition, his talent is no longer hidden. Or is it?

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"Harry’s Secret is an upbeat novel for junior readers. Harry and his friends are funny, warm-hearted and energetic, always on the go and looking out for each other. Harry’s dilemma is one many kids will relate to – whether it’s an artistic talent or some other hobby or ability that they fear being teased for." Aussie Reviews (read full review here!)

"This book is made outstanding by virtue of its sincerity and warmth, its honest portrayal of life in a small town and its inclusion of old and new histories." Reading Time (read full review here!)

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